For Your Eyes Lutein

Your Eyes require essential nutrients specific to the cells of each part of the eye. For Your Eyes Lutein is packed with vitamins and Lutein a strong Antioxidant to support and protect the health of both the Retina and the Macula. Take 1 or 2 capsules daily.



Every part of the Eye requires essential nutrients specific for that part. For your Eyes Lutein an easy to swallow softgel is packed with all the essential nutrients to help support the health of your precious eyes. Science has shown that taking effective nutrients can further improve and protect our eyes. We now know that getting enough high quality anti-oxidants like Lutein can help support both the Retina and the Macula.

UV light can damage the Lens and Cornea. Is your vision blurry? Free radical stress can ruin the Macula. Do you have eye fatigue and dryness? Optic nerves, which transmit the information collected by the Retina to the brain will get damaged by oxidation. Do you trip into more things, more than you did before? Night vision will deteriorate with age. Do you have poor night vision? Most people accept that as part of growing old, their eyesight will fail.


随着年龄的增长,作为传输视觉信号重要枢纽的视觉神经也会因为氧化作用而衰退, 夜视能力也会逐渐下降。长时间的暴露于紫外线之下会对晶体和眼角膜造成伤害,长期的心理压力也会对视网膜黄斑造成损伤。眼睛的每一部分都有其特定所需的营养物质,叶黄素胶囊含有维持眼睛健康所需要的最基本营养物质:叶黄素。 科学研究证实摄取叶黄素和眼睛内的色素沉着有直接的关系。每日摄入足够的高质量的叶黄素能够有效改善视网膜以及视网膜黄斑的健康, 并具有缓解眼疲劳,改善视力,减轻眼睛干涩的功效。

Serving size:  1 vegecapsule

Each bottle contains: 30 vegecapsules

Directions: Take one capsule after meal


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