Kundalini Hair, Nails & Skin

Hair, Nails & Skin health is extremely important to both men and women. Essential nutrients

especially PABA, biotin and zinc deficiencies cause hair loss, brittle nails and dry skin. Kundalini

has a proprietary blend of these essential nutrients to promote a Shiny, Healthy Hair Growth,

Nourished Skin and Strong Nails. Our Clients Love the results of Kundalini. Take 1 or 2 capsules

every day and see the difference for yourself.



Hair loss is affected by many different factors which are not clinically understood.

There are genetic reasons, nutritional reasons, environmental reasons and

some chemical medications and stress related reasons for hair loss.

Nutrition is critical and is very important.


At the ANTIAGING® Institute we recommend a daily capsule of Advanced Multivitamin for everyone, young or old, men or women.

Advance Multivitamin has the required nutrients for every single cell in the body including the hair follicles.

Kundalini Pro Hair, is a combination of tomato extract and a special proprietary blend of plant sterols including beta sitosterol, campsterol and stigmasterol together with pumpkin seed extract.

Phytosterols are found in all plants, including fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts and spices.


Recommended use is one capsule daily after any meal any time.






Serving size:  1 softgel

Each bottle contains: 60 softgels

Directions: Take one softgel after meal


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