Calcium 6 Enhance Energy

The Ultimate form of Calcium for stronger bones and more Energy. Fast Absorption,
Burns Fat and Sugar to increase Energy with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3.

Recommended 1 softgel for girls 13 years and older.

2-3 softgels daily for women over 40 years of age.

2-3 softgels for men over 60 and for all smokers.


Buy 1 get, 1 Free


Fast Absorption
Burns Fat and Sugar
Increases Energy
1000 IU Vitamin D3

ANTIAGING Institute is proud to introduce the Ultimate form of Calcium for stronger bones and more Energy.

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy stimulates the Kreb’s Cycle by which our bodies generates Energy ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) with each breath or aerobic cellular respiration.

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy has Protein Bound Calcium exactly as dairy without the Lactose and the extra fat in dairy. Exclusively formulated by Dr. Shoreh Ershadi for our YOUNG clients interested in a healthy life style and a lean body.

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy is a great supplement for formation of strong bones and relaxation of muscles. There is also major evidence that supplementing with Protein Bound Calcium is associated with reduced rates of becoming Obese and Overweight.

Both Men and Women tend to gain one or more pounds per year at midlife, and it all goes around the waist.
Experts in bone biology and Calcium absorption have found that men and women with the highest dairy intake have an average weight gain of Zero and those with the lowest dairy intake gained a pound per year.

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy burns fat into Energy. Research has shown that fat burning was increased by 48% in some individuals eating a sensible diet of high protein, lean meats and plenty of fresh vegetables together with regular exercise, amounting to weight loss of several pounds.


Calcium 6 Enhance Energy transports Protein and Glucose inside the muscle cells and increases ATP which benefits endurance in athletes whose bodies are constantly generating ATP to perform with more Energy and less Fatigue..

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy will not only help you lose weight, it has Antioxidant activity and Anti-aging effects, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, increased glycogen storage and utilization, increased muscle building and lean muscle mass, increased metabolic rate and higher fatty acid utilization while essential for healthy bones and nervous system function.

Calcium 6 Enhance Energy is a synergistic combination of six (6) sources of Bioavailable Calcium a total of 1000 mg of Elemental Calcium as Carbonate, Citrate, and Organic Calcium as Pyruvate, Ascorbate, Malate, and Hydroxyapatite together with Magnesium, 1000 IU of Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, providing a superior combination of nutrients to support healthy and strong bones.

• Calcium absorption is enhanced in the presence of Protein

• Calcium absorption is enhanced by an Organic Matrix

• Organic Calcium Matrix creates a lattice for prolonged positive Calcium balance to maintain the Calcium inside the cells.

Research has shown that calcium bound to protein, will enhance bone formation and bone structure, will improve hair and nail growth and will help maintain healthier teeth.

Who should take Calcium 6 Enhance Energy daily?

1) Men over the age of 40

2) Young girls after the age of 13 (1 softgel per day)

3) Women over the age of 40 ( 3 softgels per day)

4) People who are Lactose Intolerant

5) People with sedentary lifestyles

6) Pregnant or nursing women

7) Women who have had total hysterectomies (Ovaries removed)

8) Smokers and heavy alcohol consumers

9) People who lack sufficient levels of right kind of Calcium and Vitamin D in their diet

10) People with genetic disposition for weak bones


Calcium 6 Enhance Energy

Serving size:  3 softgels

Each bottle contains: 90 softgels

Directions: Take one or two softgel after breakfast and lunch.


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