If you experience heartburn particularly after eating a spicy or fatty meal Re-Digest can help you.

Re-digest is a combination of natural digestive enzymes. Take 1 capsule after every meal.



At the ANTIAGING ® Institute of California, We take steps to help the Digestive malfunction and the overproduction of stomach acid.

We will not cover the problem or try to neutralize the acid, causing the stomach to produce more acid.


Many people experience heartburn from time to time, particularly after eating a spicy or fatty meal. Re-Digest a combination of Natural Digestive Enzymes in a capsule may help your Digestive system and occasional heart burns.Once you Digest food Naturally you will feel the difference.

Take one or  two capsules after meals,  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Re-digest 胶囊

在 ANTIAGING ® Institute of California, 我们帮主患者逐步解决消化功能不良以及胃酸分泌过多的问题。我们采用的方式并不是简单的中和胃酸,因为这样只会导致更多的胃酸分泌。

许多人在吃过辛辣和油腻的食物过后,常常会有胃灼热的感觉。 Re-Digest 胶囊还有天然的消化酶,能够帮助患者有效改善消化道系统的功能和偶发性的胃灼热问题。 当食物在消化道中被自然消化后你会有不同的感觉。

服用方法: 饭前服用1到2粒。

Serving size:  2 capsules

Each bottle contains: 60 capsules

Directions: Take 2 capsules after meal to help digest food naturally.


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