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Relief,  What a Relief !

Cleanse and De-Tox. Internal cleansing is not a subject for public conversation. However, have you ever considered this simple question?

Are you clean inside? Are toxins accumulated in your body?

Constipation is defined as having a bowel movement less than three times per week. Stool is usually, dry, hard and difficult to eliminate. Constipation is often together with bloating, flatulence and the sensation of a full bowel.

Aloe Vera is a wonder herb that has been used for thousands of years. It has been used for both external applications as skin rashes, burns, wounds, and moisturizing, and internally. Aloe Vera has been found in clinical studies to be helpful for occasional constipation.

Aloe is known for boosting the immune system. Your Mission for ANTIAGING is to Boost Your Immune System.

Psyllium husk powder is used to relieve occasional constipation and is a supplement to improve and maintain regular Gastrointestinal transit time.

While cleansing the colon, you have to replenish and Re-vitalize the good bacteria that protects the normal flora in the bowels which in turn improves your immune system. Take 2 capsules of Re-Vitalize X 10  before going to bed every night to re-Vitalize your guts. You can take one capsule of Relief at night with a glass of water.

Serving size:  1 capsule

Each bottle contains: 60 Vegan/ Vegetarian capsules

Directions: Take one capsule after dinner with 8 OZ of water. You may increase the dose as needed.


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