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New York

I have a busy lifestyle, and I didn’t want my daily schedule hindered by menopause symptoms. I was also concerned about side effects. I need to feel alert and energetic when I attend to my job and my family. So I decided to try a product with natural ingredients to see if I would find help with my hot flashes, loss of concentration and energy, weight gain and sleep problems. I was fortunate to find a product that works very well for me with my first purchase. DON’T PAUSE contains green tea, chromium picolinate and pomegranate extract. I’ve heard many good things about these ingredients, and they have been very helpful in lessening my symptoms. I have even been able to drop some of the unwanted pounds that snuck up on me. I feel better, and I also like what I see when I catch my reflection. My skin is firmer since I’ve started taking DON’T PAUSE. Even a few of my closest friends have commented on it. I also am not as concerned about osteoporosis as I was previously, because DON’T PAUSE can help to prevent it. This product has turned out to be quite a find for me. ​

San Francisco

Dear Dr. Ershadi, I am 64 now and started losing my hair at 43. For 21 years I have tried everything. I have purchased the most expensive hair products, vitamins and supplements anywhere in the world. I have taken 60 capsules of Kundalini. My hair loss has stopped and hair is re-growing all over my scalp. I am thrilled. I am writing to thank you and let everyone know what a great product you have developed. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.


Dr. Ershadi, What amazing products…  I am very aware of my body and am careful with what I put in my body.  Your products have been incredible and have supported me through stressful job, life, etc… and getting older too.  I am now using almost 90% of your products and even have my beautiful puppy on your vitamins.  I speak to everyone about your products as I truly believe they are the best you can find.

  • The CoQ10 supplements products are exceptional quality 
  • The Kundalini for hair is unbelievable as it has helped me through hormonal changes and is helping decrease the need for electrolysis. 
  • Flexxability is wonderful and helps keeping me going 
  • QMaxxx is so helpful 
  • Revitalize is great in keeping me clean inside 
  • Biocurcu gives me comfort in knowing I am taking care of myself 
  • Don’t Pause® and Serotonin, have helped me through so much and I am actually getting some sleep now 
  • Fish Oil is so good, it was a Christmas present to my family members 
  • Puppy (10 yr old) keeps getting perfect checkups and is a happy beautiful little princes. 
  • Chocolate is awesome and my friends love it too…….. 

Thank you – you are a life saver 

Los Angeles

Hi Shoreh, I just wanted to tell you that the capsules that you gave me for night works wonderful. If I had known how well they worked I would have ordered them instead of the other creams that I have used.There must be something in them that is not in the other creams. Remember the wrinkles on my neck? I can not believe that they are fading already.I no longer have a chicken neck. The capsules are WONDERFUL.

Los Angeles

Hello Shoreh, I want to write a quick note to express how great it has been to know you. Your Fish Oil is the “ONLY” Fish Oil I can take without any side effects. All my life any Fish Oil I have taken has made me throw up or burp. Don’t Pause® is great. I have my life back. Last month i was ready to get a divorce. I kept nagging at my husband. The poor man asked me if I wanted him to leave. DON’T PAUSE® has saved my marriage. Thank you, Thank you.


Dear Dr. Ershadi, Thank you for the informative programs you have on TV and Radio. I am following your directions and I feel great. I am happier, healthier and much more energetic.

Los Angeles

This is Jennifer’s response to an email from Dr. Ershadi regarding a gathering. ” See you there without my menopause HOT FLASHES!, thanks to you.”


I run like a Roadrunner. I used to have aches and pains everywhere. I was so stiff, especially when I first got out of bed. I used to stay home because of all these pains. Then I started taking 2 capsules of AntiAging® supplements FLEXX daily. Now I go up and down the stairs and go out day and night. I have my life back.

Los Angeles

For the past 4 years, I have been taking one capsule of DON’T PAUSE® every morning with my breakfast. All my Menopausal symptoms like Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings, Vaginal Dryness and lack of Energy and Sleep are gone. If by any chance I forget to take my DON’T PAUSE®, around noon I will start feeling tired and hot. I cannot live without DON’T PAUSE®. My body reminds me.

New York

I had bad knees and therefore a very slow movement. I was frozen in time. Walking was painful. A friend told me about ANTIAGING® FLEXX. I took 2 capsules daily. Now I run. Seriously I run. I exercise and move fast. Now I take one capsule of FLEXX daily. I do not want to let it go. I do not want to go back to being frozen in time. Thanks FLEXX!

Los Angeles

I am feeling great. Finally after 5 or 6 years of Hot Flashes and not sleeping and going through so many different products, I am sleeping great and no Hot Flashes or Night Sweats. DON’T PAUSE® is wonderful. I am giving out samples to my friends.


I can not tell you how much information I’ve learnt by following Dr. Shoreh Ershadi’s Radio and Television programs. Sitting in the comfort of my own home, without having to worry about getting ready and going to a seminar, not having to pay for the seminars, and receiving the latest Medical and Clinical information on Health and Prevention of deseases and symptoms of aging is invaluable to me and my family.
I’m using almost all ANTIAGING® products myself, and I also get them for my husband and my children. I’m very happy, I’ve lost weight, I feel more energetic, my skin shines, and all of my  aches and pains are gone.

Thankyou Dr. Ershadi

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